From individual and team coaching in the world of business, to life and ministry consulting, here's what people are saying about Forward, Inc.

Rick’s wisdom and experience have helped me break through several barriers —things which held me back from leading more effectively in my family and NGO Directorship in Asia. Rick approaches life and personal growth from a holistic perspective, yet he is able to provide feedback in actionable steps that can be followed for positive change.
— Matt Haning, Asia Director for Remember Nhu
Rick is one of the wisest, calmest, kindest souls I know. The kind of person I want to be ‘when I grow up.’ Any chance to process your life narrative with Rick’s voice speaking into it’s trajectory is time well spent.
— John Mark Comer, Pastor & author, Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon
Rick’s decades in ministry, while working with all types of people, has brought wisdom and insight into our conversations. He asks the right questions that help bring out new ideas and pathways that were hard to see without an empathic guide. Rick is actively present and often has reflections that make you feel like you have been working together for years.
— Mike McDonald, Executive Director of Hear the Cry
Rick understands the specific challenges we’re facing developing people in a fast-paced, often distracted culture. His experienced based, creative solutions have brought clarity and helped our team see the way forward.
— Andrew Rothrock, Pastor of Riverbend Church in Bend, Oregon